WARNING: WHEN HANDLING PRESSURISED AND LOADED DARTS EXTREME CAUTION MUST BE EXERCISED AT ALL TIMES. SAFETY CRITERIA MUST BE ADHERED TO. When an undischarged or unused dart is recovered the first step must always be to render the dart into a safe state by fitting a protection cover and releasing any remaining air pressure. The following illustrated steps should be adapted to the situation encountered. (Darts can be removed from DAN-INJECT rifle/pistol barrels using tweezers.)
Remove the red stabiliser from the dart.
Holding the dart horizontally, depress the red plunger to release air pressure using the DAN-INJECT venting pin.
Remove the protection cap from the dart.
If using proprietary medication/drug bottles with rubberised seals, insert a plain hypodermic needle, directed away from the operator, into the seal before proceeding to the next step. This will allow excess air pressure to vent from the bottle.  
Holding the dart with the needle pointing down, insert the needle into a suitable receptacle as far as possible. The silicon sleeve will slide along the needle shaft exposing the injection ports. 
Hold the dart with the attached bottle. Using a DAN-INJECT coupling adap- ter on an air filler syringe, steadily and smoothly insert 12ml of air into the dart air chamber. The air pres- sure will slowly force the black plunger forwards and inject the drug into the bottle. 
Do not store drugs or water in the dart syringes for prolonged periods. The extreme pH of most drug formulations will adversely effect the plunger and dart barrel after 3-4 days.
Always clean the dart and needle after use.